5 Lift chair reviews for new owners

When you’re thinking about buying a lift chair, the underlying reason is pretty solid. Most people only turn towards a lift chair when they have spinal problems. So if your loved one has met with any kind of an adversity where he or she is temporarily unable to make motor movements using the spine or the knee, or even if you have a senior person in your home who has trouble sitting upright, then you probably need a lift chair before you can do anything else. A lift chair allows you to target the root of the problem, which is the propping up of the back, and assists it with the reinforced motor mediated support system from the lumbar region of the chair. This technology allows you to control your back without stressing it whenever you want to get up or sit down. Here are some of the best models.

AmeriGlide 581

American companies always have the added advantage of being robust and sturdy. That is why they are preferred the world over, since the manufacturers never compromise on any aspect of the product. In the same way, this chair has infinite positions and can withstand almost any and every kind of trying conditions all thanks to its hardwood framework supported by an all steel lift system. The controls are user friendly in the true sense and the product overall has a decent design. The backrest is comfortable with a sewn on look and the best part about this product is price.

Franklin Furniture 482

Imagine not having to leave your seat for any small job such as switching on the light or finding a table to keep your cup. This product basically fulfills that dream of yours by giving you all the options in the chair itself right from lighting to storage pockets, and from cup holders to smart features that are optional on demand. All this in addition to the Wow seating system which has a complex intricate system of padding and fabric woven into the ultimate comfort machine will ensure that you get the best in class chair at a reasonable price.

Catnapper Invincible

With a weight capacity of 350 pounds, and a user friendly control pane, this chair basically is the king of comfort as it comes with a variety of seat angles to sit in and the two motor controlled independent seating systems coordinates the individual parts of the chair to adjust with every position of the chair. It has a strong steel base for added durability and an emergency battery backup in case the main battery runs out of juice. It also has a comfortable plush seating system which just adds to all of the other options and results in comfort.

AmeriGlide 725

This is actually one of AmeriGlides costlier products but overall it has a great finish to it. It boasts of a split back design and a whopping 500 pound overall lifting capacity, it still limits its recline positioning to only 3 but comes with a chaise seat that is added comfort. However, the size of the seat can be small for those above 6 feet in heath. The motor powered system easily transitions from one position to the other and allows a smooth operation of movements for the client overall. It is a great savings long term even if the costs are expensive. 

Nexidea Econo collection

The Econo collection has a steel reinforced lifting system that uses ergonomic movements in order to facilitate this 3 point position system that helps with the overall lifting capacity of the product. What it also does is heats and massages the body (added optional function) so that your tired muscles get rest at the end of the day without having to go to any specialized professional in order to have your body relaxed. It also comes with a really nifty design that looks compact on the face of it therefore allowing placement in small apartment houses and spaces that are squalid.


While seemingly intimidating at first sight, the specs of all the models need not be something that hinders you at your progress levels. What you need instead is a means by which you can easily get through the day without much back pain coming in your way. You want your loved one to be able to do basic things like sit and watch TV or play with the kids without having to get up or worry about joints and back, which is good enough reason to go with any of the listed models because they’re all quite good at supporting.

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